The Process For Joining

Please do not hesitate to email ( or call us (469-626-9130), or both, and inform us of your interest in the Fraternity and joining Plano Lodge. Feel free to include some general information about what brought you to our Lodge and your interests, however this is not required. Visitors that are not Masons are welcome to join us for dinner before our scheduled meetings. 

We generally hold a meeting each Wednesday evening beginning 7:00pm. Prior to our meetings, we typically serve a light meal around 5:30pm/6:00pm. You may check the schedule to confirm prior to attending. You are invited to meet and fellowship with us for dinner. The “attire” is business casual.

Some meetings, such as educational programs are often open to the public, and you are welcome to attend. Our schedule, which can be found the “About Plano Lodge” page, reflects our monthly schedule and the dates we will be meeting at the Lodge. If you have questions concerning the schedule, feel free to call or email us. 

Like a job interview, this is a time for a potential petitioner  to determine if Masonry is for them and for us to see if the individual is a good fit for our Lodge and Fraternity. Getting to know the individual on more than a surface level is an important part of the process for those who might petition the lodge for the Degrees of Freemasonry and the Lodge. 

Becoming a Mason requires a significant time commitment at the Lodge and with the members as a candidate progresses through the three (3) Degrees of Masonry. So, it is important we more intimately get to know each other before someone interested in joining moves forward and petitions the Lodge to receive the Degrees of Freemasonry. Once that person feels comfortable, they may request a petition from our Secretary. 

The Petition, which must be completed in full and requires the signature of two Master Masons of Plano Lodge who are recommending the petitioner and three listed references. All three references must be Master Masons but may be from any recognized lodge from around the globe. This may take some time unless the petitioner has a previous relationship with members of our Lodge. The recommending Master Masons must vouch for the petitioner and know the petitioner to be a person of honor, decency, and good moral character. Once the Petition is complete, the petition must be submitted to the Lodge Secretary with all other required documentation.

The petition will be presented (read out loud) at the Stated Meeting following its receipt by the Secretary. At that time, the petition will be officially received and a committee of investigation appointed.

Investigation Committee Interviews are conducted by three (3) Plano Lodge members.  They will meet with the petitioner either individually or collectively, likely at your home but possibly at a mutual location convenient for both parties. 

The purpose of the investigation is twofold; first, to confirm that the petitioner is a person of good character who is seeking membership for proper reasons; and second, to answer any questions or address any concerns the petitioner or their family members might have about Freemasonry and the Masonic Fraternity. If possible, the petitioner’s family and loved ones should be involved in the decision. Freemasonry is not intended to interfere with ones family or usual vocations, religious or otherwise. But there are certain expectations and time commitments potential candidates should consider before petitioning for membership. Once the Investigation Committee has met with the petitioner, each member will complete and submit a report to the Secretary. Those reports are then read at the following Stated Meeting prior to the ballot. 

Once the Investigation Reports have been read, the membership will ballot to approve or reject the petition to receive the Degrees of Freemasonry and request for membership. Subsequent to the ballot, typically the following day, the petitioner will be notified of the results. If the ballot was favorable, the candidate’s initiation into the First Degree (Entered Apprentice Degree) will be scheduled.

After reading about our Masonic Fraternity and its History, you may have more questions and might be curious as to how one joins the world’s oldest Fraternity. Plano Lodge No. 768 Ancient Free and Accepted Masons (A.F. & A.M.) is a 125-year-old Lodge that was organized and chartered under the auspices and authority of the Grand Lodge of Texas in 1894. Members of Plano Lodge are members of the larger Masonic Fraternity, which consists of a network of masonic jurisdictions throughout the world.

First, you should understand, no one will ask you to join Plano Lodge and this is also the case for any Lodge recognized by the Grand Lodge of Texas, and it is customary throughout the Fraternity that a man must ask to become a Mason. The decision to join must be yours and yours alone. You must make the personal effort to communicate your desire to seek admission to the Fraternity.

We encourage you to continue your research on our Fraternity before making that decision. There are many resources online, but we recommend that you reach out to those directly familiar with the Fraternity. We highly suggest you visit our Lodge and meet with our members in person. We caution you that not all you find online is accurate and some of that material is egregiously misleading, if not outright false. Therefore, personal and direct contact with a Mason is the best method of obtaining correct and accurate information on Masonry.

There is a formal process for joining the Masonic Fraternity. You cannot become a member simply by signing up through this or any other website. Our Lodge members and potentially others within the larger Masonic Fraternity will play a major role in your acceptance into our Lodge and your progress in becoming a Mason.

The general information below delineates the accepted procedure for joining Plano Lodge or any recognized Texas Masonic Lodge. Please be aware each jurisdiction and individual Lodge may differ slightly in their own requirements.

Plano Lodge
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