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Jul 102012

As early as 1724, there existed written evidence that Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth were collectively identified as principles of particular importance to Freemasonry. The modern Masonic Monitor for the Grand Lodge of Texas agrees that “the principal tenets of our profession are three: Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth”.

Brotherly love is expressed by the good-natured and disinterested fellowship that Masons enjoy within the Fraternity. It is also demonstrated in Freemasonry’s acceptance of men of all faiths or creeds who can express a belief in a power greater than themselves. Relief is exemplified in our support of each other in times of sickness and distress, and also, most certainly, in the very public and very visible forms of Masonic charity.

For the better part of a century, Freemasonry has been widely recognized for its devotion to those in need, particularly children, and especially those children who desperately require medical care, treatment, or therapy. Further, by acknowledging that there is philosophical and spiritual Truth to be found among the diverse paths of religious tradition, sincere Masons demonstrate a sincere understanding of “the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God”.

With respect to work upon ourselves, brotherly love teaches us to have compassion and respect for our fellow man. Relief teaches us humility and self-sacrifice. The contemplation of Truth provides a path for self-understanding and self-improvement. Every man comes to Freemasonry seeking something, and often he seeks many things that are difficult for him to express. Those who seek fraternity and fellowship will find it in the practice of brotherly love. Those who seek to serve their fellow man will find it in the practice of relief or charity. Those who seek to understand and improve themselves will fulfill this need in the pursuit of Truth. However, Masonry is a “progressive science” that requires each of us to utilize its lessons if we are to discover its secrets, and those who endeavor to apply the working tools to their own rough ashlar and improve themselves in Masonry will soon discover that they must diligently practice all three of these excellent tenets.

The success of any Masonic Lodge is determined by its vitality. The Lodge thrives when it provides  an experience that inspires its members to come to Lodge and to get involved, simply because they want to share in and be a part of that experience. By balancing Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth in the activities of the Lodge, we build this unique experience upon the foundation which unites all Masons, the practice of Freemasonry in all its aspects. To this end, your officers for the upcoming  year have many great events and activities planned, and I very much look forward to seeing you all at Lodge.

May the God of love and peace delight to dwell with and bless you.


Kevin Main

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