April 2011 – Notes from Stated Meeting

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Apr 082011

Family Night Dinner at 5:30pm.  Meeting at 7pm.

  • 37 Members were in attendance, including 12 Past Masters.
  • Scripture discussion was regarding oaths and the consequences for violating them.
  • Gene R shared a very interesting copy of an official Summons from ~100 years ago.
  • New by-laws are here!  They will be handed-out at each meeting through the month to save on mailing fees.  Please try to attend and get your copy this month.
  • Three (3) new petitions were received this month.
  • Voting occurred.
  • We talked of our Brother David Lotz & Tom Carroll.  We wish them well and speedy recoveries.
  • May 21st– Mendenhall Cornerstone Ceremony.  Do you need a summons to come?  W.M. has implored everyone within length of their cable-tow to attend the ceremony (2pm).  P.G.M. Elmer Murphy will lead the ceremony, so it should be really good.  It has been 50 years since we have had this opportunity in Plano.  We want to continue this, and desire a great turnout for this Saturday.
    • We will have lunch at Plano Lodge at Noon.
    • We will open a representation of Grand Lodge at 1pm.
    • We will be at the school at 2pm.
    • The actual cornerstone is in the Museum & Library now until the ceremony.  Please stop by during the M&L hours of operation to see it, or after any Lodge meeting.
    • We will be judging the art contest from the school for what will be included in the time-capsule to be sealed behind the cornerstone.  Talk with W.M. Adam if you would like to help with this too.
  • Texas Masonic License Plates are now available.
    • $30 extra for the plate, but $22 of that goes to G.L.
  • Grand Masters conferences are being conducted now.
  • Plano Rainbow Assembly has many activities and fund-raisers going on.  Here are a few:
    • Collecting “pink” lids from food items.
    • Collecting ink cartridges and old mobile electronic devices for recycling (box is in the lodge).
    • RoughRiders Baseball night – May 13th, Buy group tickets through May 1st.  Forms are in the lodge.
  • Calendar Highlights:
    • April 14th: Presentation on new Museum & Library building by JJ Miller.
    • April 20th: MWSA in Farmersville.
    • April 21st: TBD
    • April 28th: EA proficiency and FC degree
    • April 30th: Blood Drive at Plano Lodge building, 9am – 2pm.  Come give blood (or time) to support the Scottish Rite Hospital and save lives.
    • May 5th: Stated Meeting for May
    • May 7th: Plano Lodge #768 Picnic.  See ‘Events’.
    • May 9th: Museum & Library will have Part 1 of the Masters Degree discussion regarding differences between the Modern & Ancient ceremonies (aka: French & English or Scottish Rite & York Rite).
    • May 14th: Conference of the Middle Chamber, 1pm – 4pm.  See M&L for more details.
    • May 21st: Corner Stone Ceremony, Noon – 3pm.
    • May 26th: Rum Tasting Night at Museum & Library.
  • Closed in Harmony.

March 2011 Notes from Stated Meeting

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Mar 092011

March stated meeting started with a great dinner by the Stewards.  Thank you for all your efforts to keep hunger amongst the brethren at bay!

March was also our official visit by the DDGM to Plano Lodge.  We always welcome our DDGM, Right Worshipful Gerald Jones.

The meeting started in the usual manner.  There were 38 members in attendance, including 10 past masters.

We missed February’s stated meeting, so minutes were read from January.

In February we presented Br. Larry Kester with the Golden Trowel award from Plano Lodge.  A very deserving brother indeed!

Monday, March 28th is our next scheduled Morals & Dogma study night at the Museum & Library.

May 14th is our scheduled Corner Stone Ceremony at Mendenhall Elementary.

  • Time is TBD.
  • We will have the stone in the Museum for a month prior to the ceremony.
  • April 25th is a contest judge from the School where the kids are presenting original creations for inclusion in a time capsule.  If you’d like to help judge, please talk with WM Adam.

East Fork will have a Corner Stone ceremony in April at the Achieve Academy.

Scottish Rite & Shrine have activities in March & April.  Watch for more dates.

March Calendar (preliminary):

  • March 10th: One or more Master’s proficiencies.
  • March 17th: TBD
  • March 24th: Brother Gene Reynolds night!  (he is moving)
  • March 31st: Master’s proficiency

Upcoming Events:

  • April 7th: Stated Meeting
  • April 9th: Shrine initiation
  • April 30th: Blood Drive at Plano Lodge – Donate! (time or blood…)

Wednesday night practices.  We are planning to make Wednesday nights a practice night whether for degrees, proficiencies, or certificates.

DDGM relayed the message from the Grand Master.

January 2011 Notes from Stated Meeting

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Jan 092011

Family Night Dinner (5:30 pm start) continues much success due in large part to the efforts of Barry, Jim & occasional help in our kitchen.  Many good meals are enjoyed and talked about again and again.

Open in an EA Meeting at 7pm.

  • 35 Masons were in attendance with 6 Past Masters & 1 Visitor.
  • Br. Chaplain read and talked about the brotherly love of others from different nationalities.  These talks are very well done and insightful.
  • Two resolutions of respect for our brothers Roy Stewart (60 year mason) and Harry “Tiny” Powell our past secretary of 25  years.
  • Minutes from December were read and approved.
  • New copies of the by-laws are at the printer and will be ready soon.
  • Events:
    • Museum & Library has its continuing series on Morals & Dogma Monday night (Jan. 10th) at 7:30pm.  The topics will cover the 2nd and 17th chapters with a review of the differences between Red & Blue 2nd degrees.
    • Cornerstone event should be first or second weekend of May.
    • Picnic is moved to May 7th.
    • Roughriders Masonic Night Out is being planned by Clay Smith.  Anyone else interested in helping to organize the event details should contact Clay.  We are looking for 2 more people (Eric B. volunteered for one).
    • January 27th will be a Museum & Library event covering Scotch tasting, history, and other great information.   7pm downstairs from Lodge.
    • January 28th is the Scottish Rite, Robert Burns dinner (non-Masonic event).  Need to make reservation beforehand through the Dallas Scottish Rite.
    • Wednesday, Feb. 3rd will be an event for a Table Lodge / Fundraiser hosted by the Museum & Library.  6:30pm dinner & drink.  See M&L website or ‘Events’ for additional details.
    • Wednesday, Jan. 19th, 6:30pm / 7:30pm is dinner / MWSA meeting at East Fork Lodge.
    • Degree practice continues the day before a degree will occur for that degree at Lodge starting at 6:30pm to help in learning the work and parts.
    • Degree practice continues at the Museum & Library Mon, Wed, Fri at 1, 2, 3pm for EA, FC, MM work respectively.
  • No ballots
  • Electrical work will be done soon on the building.
  • Charity & Sickness reports on Cory D, Linda M, Sam T (doing better), and Charles M (sick).
  • Golden Trowel Committee reported its recommendation to honor Larry Kester next month (Feb. 24th) for his long time & diverse contributions to Masonry.
  • Bills were reported and to be paid.
  • Called Meetings:
    • Jan. 13th – MM Proficiency & DDGM reception practice
    • Jan. 20th – MM degree
    • Jan. 27th – M&L Event
  • Texas Masonic Retirement Home stated that it truly and really appreciates all the donations for the Country Store.  Our efforts are well appreciated.  (Clay’s efforts are greatly appreciated as well.)
  • There is an email mailing list for those who are interested in knowing and volunteering (in advance) for degree parts.  Let Kevin know if you want to join the list.
  • Closed EA Lodge.

December Notes from Stated Meeting

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Dec 102010

Family Night Dinners are a great success.  Many thanks to our Brother Stewards Barry & Jim for all their efforts to make all the members and their families and friends welcome and well-fed.

  • Chaplain Br. Bob Pannell had an excellent reading regarding brotherhood and fidelity.   These are worth hearing every month.
  • Eagle Scout project in the Plano Municipal Cemetery looks very well done.  There is more work the Lodge needs to perform to take advantage of this terrific start.  We are planning a work day at the Cemetery in march.  Manpower will be needed.
  • We have two new candidates elected to receive the degrees!  December 16th is the date.  Come watch, participate, and be brotherly for these two excellent candidates.
  • Planned building repairs have been completed.  Sealing and painting are done.  Everything looks great.  Thank you to those who helped ensure our building will continue to serve our needs (Scott & Barry for starters).
  • IRS – is there ever any good news?  Yes, according to Br. WM Adam.
  • Charity & Sickness: Keeping our thoughts and prayers with Brothers Tiny, David, Lewis, Joe, and Gordon.
  • Also, Tiny needs our help.

Tiny & Ethel are needing to remodel so Tiny can get around his house easier & better (especially the bath).  We estimate it could be near $10,000 to install the necessary updates to the house to make life much easier for him and his wife.  We are and are trying to raise money through lodge relief, individual members donations, GLoT matching, & masonic services bureau.   If you have any thoughts or abilities to help in relief, it would be greatly appreciated.  The list of reasons to help, on merit of contributions to the fraternity alone, are countless.  Let alone our obligation.

  • Table Lodge planned for late January.  We should have the schedule firmed by next stated meeting (Jan. 6th).
  • Golden Trowel committee will meet in January.
  • Cornerstone plans for Mendenhall Elementary is firming-up.  We are thinking March / April time-frame.  Its been 50 years in Plano since our last one… !
  • George Washington Dinner is changing this year.  Instead of a February dinner, we will be having an outdoor picnic at Bob Woodruff Park (Plano) in April.
  • January 19th will be a meeting of MWSA
  • We are dark Dec. 23rd, and plan for an FC prof / MM degree on Dec. 30th.

We look forward to seeing you at Lodge!

ps. How many Grand Masters have we had in Plano? (Come to Lodge to find out – the answer may surprise you.)