Masonic History for April

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Apr 112016
April 4 On this date in 1778, Voltaire was initiated in “Les Neuf Soeurs” Lodge in Paris. His conductors were Benjamin Franklin and Count Gebelin
April 5 On this date in 1886, Rudyard Kipling received his 1st degree.
April 8 On this date in 1790, the Grand Lodge of New Hampshire was constituted
April 19 On this date in 1787, the Grand Lodge of Maryland was formedOn this date (or April 18) in 1850, the Grand Lodge of California was formed
April 20 On this date in 1884, Pope Leo XIII issued a famous Papal Bull against Freemasonry, titled Humanum Genus
April 21 On this date in 1821 the Grand Lodge of Missouri was founded.
April 22 On this date in 1785, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart received his 3rd degree.
April 24 On this date in 1901, President Theodore Roosevelt received his 3rd degree.
April 28 On this date in 1738, Pope Clement XII issued the first Papal Bull attacking FreemasonryOn this date in 1840, the Grand Lodge of Illinois was formed

By the Plumb

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Oct 132012

There has been several updates to our extra-curricular activities over the past month to report. First, our Fall Festive Board has been tentatively moved to Saturday, December 1st. (no longer Oct 12th).

TMRC fundraiser & picnic is Saturday October 20th, 10am – 4pm. A group will be leaving from lodge early to setup our tent. Contact PM Clay Smith or WM Kevin Main for details on caravanning.

We will be having our Widow’s Honor Night November 8th starting at 5:30pm. We need some volunteers to help that evening. Please let Brother Larry know if you can help chauffeur or
otherwise are able to help. Dress up for this evening too.

Thank you & see you Thursday,
Brian Chaput

From the West – October 2012

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Oct 132012

We have been seeing an increase in interest in petitioning for the degrees in our Lodge which is a good thing. As part of the petition process the Grand Lodge requires that we perform an investigation of the candidate before balloting on his petition. The investigation serves several purposes; it allows the investigation team to form personal face to face impressions of the candidate, it provides an opportunity for follow up questions to clarify answers to the petition, and it allows the petitioner and his family, if applicable, to ask questions of the investigation team. We owe it to the petitioner and to Masonry in general to perform a thorough and fair investigation. To that end, I would like to make the following points:

Each signer of a petition, recommender and reference, should be contacted by each member of the investigating team. It is also important to verify that the signers are regular master masons. I’m aware of instances where petitions have been signed by clandestine masons, EAs, and suspended masons.

Also remember that the petitions are confidential and should not be discussed in detail with non-investigators and the petitions should be given to the Secretary in person or in a sealed envelope. Again, this is to protect the petitioner and masonry in general.

We should give the petitioner a chance to involve his family in the investigation if he desires. We know that he is interested since he has submitted a petition, but his family may have reservations that we could address and gain a candidate with the support of his family.

Bill Goodell

By the Plumb – August 2012

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Aug 062012


Calendar of extra-curricular events occurring for Plano Lodge:

  • Fall Festive Board – Friday, October 12th. Details will be forth-coming.
  • Thursday, December 27th – Saint John the Evangelist Feast day.
    • We’ll plan a couples night out. Please let me know if you think you’d like to attend so I can secure an appropriate-sized room. It will be in or near Plano.
    • We are working to keep costs low, but expectations high.
  • Thursday, February 14th – Valentine’s Day – Dark. No excuses! Plan ahead.
  • Spring Festive Board – Saturday, March 2nd.
  • Spring Picnic – Saturday, May 4th.
    • We are hoping to have a picnic with East Fork Lodge. They will confirm in the next few days.
    • Planning for lunch, games & activities.
    • We might challenge each other for softball or volleyball.
    • Chili cook-off will be on order.
    • We’ll have a bounce house, slide or obstacle course for the kids, at least.
    • – Bob Woodruff Park, North Pavilion.

Don’t forget:

  1. Thursdays, 5:30pm practice floor work or degree parts as needed. Just ask.
  2. Meditations

Also, Thursday August 9th, we will meet downstairs in the Museum at 5pm (or when you can get there). We plan to discuss the Museum & Library planning activities for the upcoming grant’s fiscal year. We have a lot of projects and activities to address and we could use volunteers to contribute in concept & execution to accomplish these goals we establish. We have some light refreshments (I’ll provide) until 6pm, when we’ll adjourn upstairs for our always-great dinner followed by our called meeting. Even if you just want to listen and see Masons in action (ahem), join us for some good conversation.

Thursday, August 30th will be a Masonic education night. There is some great material we have to go through on the things a (new) Mason should know.

See you Thursday,

Brian Chaput, JW

By the Plumb – July

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Jul 102012

It is GREAT to be a Texas Mason! We still say this nearly every lodge. I can’t remember it not happening. I love it. What do you remember? Have you been to lodge in a while? We would certainly like to see you more often. I know our necessary vocations can take us away, but remember that Masonry will return what you put into it. Please make an effort to join us. There are lots of new members to meet and we are still diligent in our degree work. There is lots of fun to be had and its always good to be seen (not viewed)!

So, as we begin a new Masonic year, I am going to make three points I’d like for you each to think and act upon.

I’m going to be at lodge 30 minutes before Called Meeting’s dinners. The intent is to offer a few options for those who join in: 1. socialize, 2. practice degree parts or esoteric work, and 3. call lodge open to perform proficiency work, as needed, until dinner. The primary intent is to offer some time prior to our normal activities to break into smaller groups to prepare ourselves for the evening’s activities or whatever may be the most pressing need that day. So, joint us at 5:30 every Thursday!

We need support for our degree teams, primarily for those who are willing to learn or teach a speaking part. This effort is two-fold. First, we need those who are willing to act and learn some of the various roles. This effort has a long and strong tradition in Plano Lodge. We have many who are competent in most of the degree work. However, we need more help in the charge, lectures, and various presentations in addition to the standard degree parts.  Second, we need those who can mentor and aid during the degrees. The intent is to have someone teach and support one-on-one so expertise is passed down. Many new members are willing to perform, but require more than a 5 minute day-of instruction. Those who are willing could aid before and during the degree to offer support and instruction.

We are going to be adding a small “meditation” to the end of our degree nights. This short program will attempt to bring out some of the symbols and allegories that are inculcated into that Masonic degree. If you have an item or a list of items you find particularly revealing during any of the degrees and would like to share them in a 5 minute talk after its respective degree, please let me know. I’ll definitely schedule the time in. I plan to start in the first month, but am positive that everyone will have some insight they’d like to share. I’d be happy to have others talk, but would be willing to share your observations at a minimum. I believe this program will add to the value of our work for everyone.

Well that is a mouth-full for this month. I hope to see you at lodge soon!


Brian Chaput

Meeting Notes from June Stated Meeting, 2011

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Jun 082011

Open in EA.

  • 34 Members were in attendance, including 8 Past Masters, 2 visitors, and District Deputy Grand Master of the most worshipful Grand Lodge of Texas, District 9B.
  • Scripture discussion was regarding unity with regard to service and singular purpose on everything.
  • Election of Officers was conducted:
    • WM elect: C. Clay Smith
    • SW elect: Kevin K. Main
    • JW elect: William W. Goodell
    • TR elect: Kevin Campbell
    • SC: H. David Moore
  • Anticipated Appointments of Officers were read by WM elect: Clay Smith
    • SD: Brian Ch.
    • JD: Barry P.
    • SS: James H.
    • JS: Brian Co.
    • MC: Reza K.
    • TL: Tony M.
    • CH: Larry L.
    • MR: Trey O.
  • Minutes were read
  • No new petitions were received this month.
  • Special Committees:
    • Communications: We need updates on phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses if they have changed.
      • We usually only find out when we can’t get in contact with you, and then search far and wide to find new contact information.  We want to be in touch when needed, so please forward any updates to the Secretary, or any other Officer.
    • Museum & Library is being cleaned-up which is being lead by Trey.  Help is appreciated any time.
  • We voted on a plural membership to Plano Lodge.  Glad to have you Br. Jones!
  • Standing Committees:
    • The building is still standing.
    • Charity: We helped a stranded traveling brother
    • Cornerstones: Cornerstone Ceremony on May 21st was a huge success and Br. Merritt and Br. WM DeMasellis were hugely responsible for that.  We all thank them.
    • Grand Lodge Communication:
      • Appeal for relief to Alabama and Tennessee Grand Lodges due to their tornado storms.
      • Masonic Plates are available as of May 31st in Texas.  $30 additional fee, but $22 goes to GLoT.
  • Turn in any charitable work to Shaun Henry via the charity worksheet.  Show us how Masons work quietly (sometimes) for their communities.
  • We agreed with paying our bills.
  • We read an excerpt from the Texas Masonic Law regarding installation of elected officers.
  • Calendar Highlights:
    • June 9th: MM Degree.
    • June 16th: Practice (planned)
    • June 23rd: (Tiled MM) York Rite Presentation, 30 minutes & the closing of the Lodge of Sorrow for the year.
    • June 30th: Installation of Officers for the new Masonic year.
      • 5:15 open MM
      • 6:00 dinner
      • 7:00 installation
      • TBD: Open Lodge of Sorrow & Close MM for night.
    • July 7th: Stated Meeting for July.
  • New by-laws are in distribution.  Please verify your contact information.

Closed in Harmony.

May 2011 – Notes from Stated Meeting

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May 092011

Meeting Notes from May Stated Meeting, 2011

  • 31 Members were in attendance, including 8 Past Masters.
  • Scripture discussion was regarding brotherly love as the cement of the fraternity.
  • Remembering Brother David Lotz by our Resolutions of Respect.
  • Minutes were read
  • One (1) new petition was received this month.
  • Brother SW Clay Smith is now a board member of the Plano Mutual Cemetery Association.
  • Cornerstone Ceremony on May 21st– at Mendenhall Elementary.
    • W.M. has implored everyone within length of their cable-tow to attend the ceremony (2pm).
    • P.G.M. Elmer Murphy will lead the ceremony, so it should be really good.
    • It has been 50 years since we have had this opportunity in Plano.  We want to continue this, and desire a great turnout for this Saturday’s event.
    • Timing:
      • Noon: Lunch at Plano Lodge
      • 12:45 we will open our Lodge
      • 1:00pm we will open a representation of Grand Lodge.
      • 1:30pm we will proceed to Mendenhall.
      • 2:00pm – Ceremony at the new school entrance.
    • The actual cornerstone is in the Museum & Library now until the ceremony.  Please stop by during the M&L hours of operation to see it, or after any Lodge meeting.
    • We will be judging the art contest from the school for what will be included in the time-capsule to be sealed behind the cornerstone.  Talk with W.M. Adam if you would like to help with this too.
  • Museum & Library (continued):
    • May 21st, after the Cornerstone Ceremony – there is a Conference of the Middle Chamber event in the Museum & Library (4pm – 7pm).
    • At least two topics will be discussed regarding Egypt & Pythagoras.
    • Dinner will be available to those who wish to continue the day after 7pm.  Please let Br. JW Kevin Main know if you would like to attend so reservations can be more accurately made.
  • Museum & Library (continued):
    • Monday, May 9th, 7:30pm.  Br. Kevin Main will lecture on the Master’s Degree and the differences between the Modern & Ancient ceremonies.  This is the first of a two-part lecture.
    • Location is at the Museum & Library located below Plano Lodge: 1414 J Ave.
  • Voting occurred on 3 candidates.  Check the calendar.
  • The Widow’s list needs to be updated for recent contact information.
  • Texas Masonic License Plates are now available.
    • $30 extra for the plate, but $22 of that goes to G.L.
  • Report any charitable activity you do to Br. Shaun Henry.
  • Blood Drive: We collected 24 units on Saturday, April 30th.  Thank you to those who helped & donated.
  • Family Picnic is Saturday, May 7th at Bob Woodruff, North Pavilion.
    • 10am – 4pm
    • Lots of fun activities.
  • Master’s Proficiency was conducted.
  • We paid our bills.
  • We read an excerpt from the Texas Masonic Law.
  • Brother Marshall presented a small program on Unity as we hear of in the EA degree, and its ability to similarly foster growth & prosperity.
  • Calendar Highlights:
    • May 5th: Stated Meeting for May
    • May 7th: Plano Lodge #768 Picnic.  See ‘Events’.
    • May 9th: Museum & Library will have Part 1 of the Masters Degree discussion regarding differences between the Modern & Ancient ceremonies (aka: French & English or Scottish Rite & York Rite).
    • May 12th: EA Degree
    • May 19th: EA Degree
    • May 21st: Corner Stone Ceremony, Noon – 3pm.
    • May 21st : Conference of the Middle Chamber, 4pm – 7pm.  See M&L for more details.
    • May 26th: Rum Tasting Night at Museum & Library.
    • June 2nd: Stated Meeting for June.
  • Every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm, there are scheduled practices for the lectures and various degrees.  It is open and encouraged for anyone to attend to prepare for parts in the degrees.
  • New by-laws are ready to be distributed.  Please try to attend and get your copy this month.
  • Closed in Harmony.