From The East – October

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Oct 082010


As we move into the fall season and our schedules get full, I hope you take the time to focus on the things that really matter. Faith, Family, Friendship, and Fellowship can be lost in our hectic schedules if we do not make the time.  It is in the spirit of not losing out on opportunities that I have 2 requests that I make of you.  I am asking these from the bottom of my heart, because your brotherhood needs you.

First, I am asking all Past Masters, of any lodge, but especially Plano Lodge to make plans to attend Grand Lodge in December.  One of our own, Brother Charles McKay is running for the Grand South and could use your support.  If you cannot make the whole session, I ask that you come down for Saturday and the voting that occurs that morning.  Please contact me if you need help getting there as we will try to arrange a caravan to bring as many past masters as we can on Saturday morning.  I will be there the whole time, but some of the other officers and I will be working on setting up the caravan.

Secondly, I have been very proud of the members who attend lodge and have contributed items to support the Texas Masonic Retirement Center.  Last month, during our stated meeting, we passed the hat in support of buying items to help fill the country store at the TMRC.  If you cannot attend lodge, or even just don’t regularly attend, and would like to contribute to our support of the TMRC, please send a donation to the lodge and we will purchase items on your behalf and take them to the TMRC.  Please help in the supporting of our widows.

As always, we would like to see you at lodge.  We are there every Thursday having fellowship and doing the work of the craft.


Adam DeMasellis

Worshipful Master, Plano Lodge #768

From the East – July

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Sep 162010

From The East


I would again like to thank all of you who came out on June 26th to participate in my installation as Worshipful Master of Plano Lodge. I would also like to thank you for the many well wishes that I have received.  This was a very proud day for me and I appreciate the confidence you have placed in me.  We should have a very busy year here in Plano Lodge.

There are several initiatives that I wanted to bring to your attention.

  1. We have created an e-mail list for Worshipful Master and the Wardens to communicate with past masters.  This will help keep an open dialog between the current leadership and the wisdom of our past leaders.
  2. We are rebranding the George Washington Dinner to be more of a picnic than a quick dinner.  This will give more time for fellowship and having fun as a group.
  3. We have been working with Plano ISD and the city of Plano to put cornerstones on several buildings this year.  This will be very good visibility for the lodge and hopefully reestablish Plano Lodge’s interaction with the community.
  4. One of our Brothers is the Master of a lodge in Tennessee and we are organizing a trip to perform a degree up there as well as host them for a visit at Plano Lodge.
  5. We are going to be good stewards of our money and have some work days to give our lodge some needed repairs.

We have much more going on as well, but I wanted to give you an idea of some of the exciting things that are to come.

I know that many of you cannot make it to lodge anymore.  Whether it be from living far away, or due to health issues.  It is difficult to keep track of what is going on in everybody’s lives if we don’t hear from you.  Please give me a call or send me an e-mail and let me know if there is anything that your lodge can do for you.  Every meeting, we discuss brothers who are struggling and remind everybody to keep them in their prayers.  If you are going through something, we would love to include you in our prayers as well, just let us know.  As always please contact me for anything at or via cell phone at 214-244-7830.

In the light,


Worshipful Master

Happy New Year

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Jan 012009


May I be the first to wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

The year before us is a great opportunity of unlimited possibilities.  Where will you be in a year?  Where will the Lodge by in a year?  Choose to make it the best year yet, and recognize that each of us has the power to make it happen.  Make your commitment to move the Lodge move in this direction.

The Grand Lodge has announced that it will not be making a distribution this year from the endowment fund.  However, Plano Lodge is prepared because we raised our dues last year to prepare for the actions we knew the Grand Lodge would have to eventually take.

This is the year for you to make your contribution to the support of Plano Lodge.  We have the opportunity to make great strides this year, so come to Lodge and participate in everything that we have to offer.  I look forward to seeing you.


JJ Miller
WM, Plano Masonic Lodge

From the East – December

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Dec 012008


December marks the close of 2008 and WHAT a year it has been.  Like every year, it has had its triumphs and tragedies, its good times, and its hard times.  December is a time to reflect upon the past year and begin looking forward to the next.  It is also a time to reflect upon all God has given us.  It is very easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, pursuing the “next” thing, or working frantically to get everything “checked off” our lists.  We are frequently too hurried, too tired, or too stressed to really enjoy those everyday blessings we have been given.  Each time you see your family and friends this month, take the time to think about what a special gift that person has been to your life, how they have made your life better, and how much that means to you.  These are the real gifts in life.

I want to wish everyone a safe and very Merry Christmas! (I hope everyone who practices another faith will reciprocate with a well wish for their spiritual holiday.)


JJ Miller
WM, Plano Masonic Lodge

From the East – November

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Nov 012008

What does Masonry teaches us about death?  During October, November, and December the days grow shorter than the nights and the leaves and summer vegetation all wither and die back.  Many ancient religions believed the these months symbolized the death of the Sun with the longer and longer nights, until it seemed darkness would overcome the Sun completely.

Death is the great leveler.  No wealth, rank, or distinction of honor can prevent its coming.  Its approach is uncertain.  It frequently comes without warning and when we least expect it.  Death reaps its harvest with the scythe of destruction.  No one can calculate when they may fall victim to its power.  The ninth or last class of emblems on the Master’s carpet teach us to reflect and think upon our life’s events and how they will be received before the tribunal of eternal Justice.

The memory of the good and virtuous Mason will always be cherished, and their ashes will be safely deposited in the urn of mortality.  So live your life conscious of the balance between how your choices and actions will reflect upon you once you have passed.  Your family will always remember you longer than anyone else, so give them your first consideration.  It will be your family and friends who, after years have gone by, will reflect upon how you touched their lives and what you meant to them.  And finally, remember that whatever faults and frailties an erring brother may have had, the broad mantle of his charity should cover them.

Live your life accordingly.

Near the light,
JJ Miller

Building Your Masonic Façade

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Aug 012008

Why did you join the Lodge?  Has your reason for staying in Lodge changed?  As an Apprentice, you were placed in the Northeast corner and given instructions upon which to build a moral and Masonic edifice, a floorplan for living a good life.  The questions and answers provided you with the cornerstone, but how much of your façade have you completed since laying that first stone?

Have you actively practiced charity, compassion, brotherhood, temperance, fortitude, prudence, and justice?  And what kinds of materials are you using to build your personal façade?  Are you deliberately taking the extra time to use stone and mortar or are you cutting corners and using wood or straw?  Are you breaking off the rough and unusable parts of the stones so they fit tightly?

Every one of us must strengthen and fortify our character to successfully weather life’s turbulent, rough, and tumble storms.  We must be actively reflecting upon what the esoteric work is trying to teach us about how to craft and place the many stones that compose our whole life.  Do not get in a hurry to complete your great work because you are building a Temple, not a shed.

Every day, take time to work on your Masonic edifice.  Deliberately strive to improve yourself and carefully measure, cut, and place each personal and spiritual stone.  By reflecting upon the lessons of the esoteric work and how you can apply them to the challenges you face each day, you will construct a Temple that magnificently reflects who you are.

Near the light,
JJ Miller

Why We Teach the Work

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Jul 012008

Why do we require candidates to learn the esoteric work? Is it to haze our new Masons or to yoke our members with an additional Masonic burden? Sometimes it may feel this way, but in truth, it has a higher purpose. Teaching the work is what distinguishes Masonry from all other civic groups. It is the starting point used to forge the strong bonds of Masonic friendship, and it is the common bond that unites all Masons. Cutting corners while teaching the work only weakens Masonry in the long-term because it weakens the foundation of our friendships.

Teaching the work is no easy task. It requires 35-60 hours of studying to complete all three degrees. However, during that time you really get to know the candidate and he really gets a chance to know you. By the time you complete the Master’s work, you will very likely have a very good friend due to this shared experience. Being an instructor is your chance to communicate what Masonry means to you, to reflect upon what the lessons of the esoteric work are trying to teach, and then determine how to communicate that to our new brother.

Commit to taking the time to learn the questions and answers and promise yourself to teach a new Mason. For your efforts, you will be richly rewarded with a new friend and you will also be contributing to the long-term success of our beloved fraternity by building a stronger foundation for our brotherhood.


JJ Miller
WM, Plano Masonic Lodge