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Plano Lodge #768 Scholarship Application

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May 022013


Plano Lodge #768 Scholarship Application



Plano Lodge #768 in conjunction with the North Texas Masonic Historical Museum & Library is awarding two, $1000.00 scholarships to local students towards higher education.    The decision will be based upon qualification and merit of the Essay focused on Masonic history in Texas or its historical territories.

  • Applications will be accepted any time.  Our due date is February 1st, 7pm, for the following school year (Fall-Spring) by mail (PO Box) or in-person to:

Plano Masonic Lodge #768

P. O. Box 860282

Plano, TX 75086


Plano Masonic Lodge #768

1414 ½ J Ave

Plano, TX 75074

  • Attention should be made to the Scholarship Committee.  We will accept applications & essays anytime throughout the year leading to the Feb. 1 deadline.
  • Plano Lodge #768 with the North Texas Masonic Historical Museum & Library will have the scholarship committee review, rank, and approve the received applications.  The best two essays will be awarded the scholarships.
  • In May we will announce decisions
  • In July we present awards
  • The lodge will pay the college or university upon enrollment by the scholarship recipient.

Your submitted application should include these items (1-8):

  1. Full Name
  2. Address
    1. You must live within Collin County or a county adjoining it
  3. Contact information
    1. Phone
    2. Email
  4. College or Institution’s Name & Address, if known
  5. Past semester(s)’s transcript with GPA minimum of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  6. Interest or Degree plan
  7. Personal paragraph
    1. While the scholarship is based upon the historic essay, we would like to know about you, your situation, your plans, and any circumstances that you feel we should know.
    2. Masonic affiliation is not a prerequisite to apply, but is definitely allowed.
  8. Essay
    1. Subject: Fraternal or Masonic History in Texas
    2. Qualification: (at least) 3 full pages (double-spaced, 1” margins, 12-pt Times New Roman font) in addition to proper referencing of source material.
    3. Notes:
      1. Masonry can be interpreted to include other Fraternal or appendant bodies.
      2. Suggestions: Personal biographies, Masonic functions, Social functions, Educational functions, Charitable functions, Masonic places, Eras and local fraternal impact, Fraternal organization history or other similar.
      3. Texas history may be Plano, Dallas, Peter’s Colony, Republic of Texas, State of Texas, or other geographical or historical tie to our community.
      4. Essays will become property of the North Texas Masonic Historical Museum & Library collection.
        1. The Essay may be re-published or publicly displayed with credit assigned to author.

The North Texas Masonic Historical Museum & Library will be open for research.

  • M / W / F 1 – 4pm, or other arrangements may be made.


Blood Donations Needed

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Jun 222011

Brethren All………..This is the father of Melissa Shaeffer , please assist if you can and forward to your email lists.                   Bro.Cliff

Dear All,

Our neighbor Guy Burk has been diagnosed with Myelogenous Leukemia (AML). He has already been in the hospital for over five weeks.  Friday he started his second round of chemotherapy because unfortunately the kind they gave him the first time did not work.

We asked if there was anything we could do to help and we were told that Guy has already had 39 blood transfusions and will most likely require many more in the coming weeks.  We all want to be able to do something to help and giving blood is a simple way for all of us to play a part in his recovery.

You can donate blood in his name, and those units (replacement credits) will be applied to his account. This will help to reduce the amount they have to pay for each of the units of blood that he receives.  If you are able to donate blood, Guy and his family would GREATLY appreciate it.  If you have friends that might donate blood, please forward this email to them as well.

You can go to any Carter blood bank, which you can find on their website (
The information you need when donating is the following:

Carter blood bank
Replacement credit
Guy Forrest Burk
Sponsor # 050700

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or call @ 972-429-4844: Pete & Dawn Loughlin

Meeting Notes from June Stated Meeting, 2011

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Jun 082011

Open in EA.

  • 34 Members were in attendance, including 8 Past Masters, 2 visitors, and District Deputy Grand Master of the most worshipful Grand Lodge of Texas, District 9B.
  • Scripture discussion was regarding unity with regard to service and singular purpose on everything.
  • Election of Officers was conducted:
    • WM elect: C. Clay Smith
    • SW elect: Kevin K. Main
    • JW elect: William W. Goodell
    • TR elect: Kevin Campbell
    • SC: H. David Moore
  • Anticipated Appointments of Officers were read by WM elect: Clay Smith
    • SD: Brian Ch.
    • JD: Barry P.
    • SS: James H.
    • JS: Brian Co.
    • MC: Reza K.
    • TL: Tony M.
    • CH: Larry L.
    • MR: Trey O.
  • Minutes were read
  • No new petitions were received this month.
  • Special Committees:
    • Communications: We need updates on phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses if they have changed.
      • We usually only find out when we can’t get in contact with you, and then search far and wide to find new contact information.  We want to be in touch when needed, so please forward any updates to the Secretary, or any other Officer.
    • Museum & Library is being cleaned-up which is being lead by Trey.  Help is appreciated any time.
  • We voted on a plural membership to Plano Lodge.  Glad to have you Br. Jones!
  • Standing Committees:
    • The building is still standing.
    • Charity: We helped a stranded traveling brother
    • Cornerstones: Cornerstone Ceremony on May 21st was a huge success and Br. Merritt and Br. WM DeMasellis were hugely responsible for that.  We all thank them.
    • Grand Lodge Communication:
      • Appeal for relief to Alabama and Tennessee Grand Lodges due to their tornado storms.
      • Masonic Plates are available as of May 31st in Texas.  $30 additional fee, but $22 goes to GLoT.
  • Turn in any charitable work to Shaun Henry via the charity worksheet.  Show us how Masons work quietly (sometimes) for their communities.
  • We agreed with paying our bills.
  • We read an excerpt from the Texas Masonic Law regarding installation of elected officers.
  • Calendar Highlights:
    • June 9th: MM Degree.
    • June 16th: Practice (planned)
    • June 23rd: (Tiled MM) York Rite Presentation, 30 minutes & the closing of the Lodge of Sorrow for the year.
    • June 30th: Installation of Officers for the new Masonic year.
      • 5:15 open MM
      • 6:00 dinner
      • 7:00 installation
      • TBD: Open Lodge of Sorrow & Close MM for night.
    • July 7th: Stated Meeting for July.
  • New by-laws are in distribution.  Please verify your contact information.

Closed in Harmony.

Cornerstone Ceremony Mentioned in Star Courier

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May 262011

Dan Eakin, reporter for the Plano Star Courier, covered Saturday’s Cornerstone Ceremony and  the following article  will be published in Thursday’s (May 26th, 2011) edition of the Star Courier. Also, it is now posted on-line at .

(past) Cornerstone Ceremony is this Saturday, May 21st at Mendenhall Elementary School

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May 192011


I just wanted to remind you that the cornerstone ceremony for Mendenhall Elementary School is this Saturday, May 21st.  The Schedule is as follows:

12:00  Lunch at Plano Lodge #768 Building
12:45  Open Plano Lodge
1:00  Open representation of Grand Lodge
1:30  Leave for School
2:00  Ceremony at school

As you remember in your obligations and in your degrees, when requested, you should make every effort to complete the errand of a Master Mason, or be there to help when requested.  I am asking that each of you to make time to be at this ceremony.  Attire is suits and White Aprons. This is the first cornerstone that we have done at a school in over 50 years, and if we have a good turnout, we will get another next year.  This increases our visibility within the community and helps to have a good relationship with our schools.

Please make every effort to attend and bring others where you can.


Adam DeMasellis
Worshipful Master, Plano Masonic Lodge #768

(past) The History of Rum, at 7:30PM on Thursday, May 26

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May 192011


The Museum & Library will be hosting “The History of Rum” at 7:30PM on Thursday, May 26 as a fundraiser.

John Solis will be providing a program  which will start with the history, distillation process, and folk lore, and it will conclude with a rum tasting.

Thanks for your support,

JJ Miller

May 2011 – Notes from Stated Meeting

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May 092011

Meeting Notes from May Stated Meeting, 2011

  • 31 Members were in attendance, including 8 Past Masters.
  • Scripture discussion was regarding brotherly love as the cement of the fraternity.
  • Remembering Brother David Lotz by our Resolutions of Respect.
  • Minutes were read
  • One (1) new petition was received this month.
  • Brother SW Clay Smith is now a board member of the Plano Mutual Cemetery Association.
  • Cornerstone Ceremony on May 21st– at Mendenhall Elementary.
    • W.M. has implored everyone within length of their cable-tow to attend the ceremony (2pm).
    • P.G.M. Elmer Murphy will lead the ceremony, so it should be really good.
    • It has been 50 years since we have had this opportunity in Plano.  We want to continue this, and desire a great turnout for this Saturday’s event.
    • Timing:
      • Noon: Lunch at Plano Lodge
      • 12:45 we will open our Lodge
      • 1:00pm we will open a representation of Grand Lodge.
      • 1:30pm we will proceed to Mendenhall.
      • 2:00pm – Ceremony at the new school entrance.
    • The actual cornerstone is in the Museum & Library now until the ceremony.  Please stop by during the M&L hours of operation to see it, or after any Lodge meeting.
    • We will be judging the art contest from the school for what will be included in the time-capsule to be sealed behind the cornerstone.  Talk with W.M. Adam if you would like to help with this too.
  • Museum & Library (continued):
    • May 21st, after the Cornerstone Ceremony – there is a Conference of the Middle Chamber event in the Museum & Library (4pm – 7pm).
    • At least two topics will be discussed regarding Egypt & Pythagoras.
    • Dinner will be available to those who wish to continue the day after 7pm.  Please let Br. JW Kevin Main know if you would like to attend so reservations can be more accurately made.
  • Museum & Library (continued):
    • Monday, May 9th, 7:30pm.  Br. Kevin Main will lecture on the Master’s Degree and the differences between the Modern & Ancient ceremonies.  This is the first of a two-part lecture.
    • Location is at the Museum & Library located below Plano Lodge: 1414 J Ave.
  • Voting occurred on 3 candidates.  Check the calendar.
  • The Widow’s list needs to be updated for recent contact information.
  • Texas Masonic License Plates are now available.
    • $30 extra for the plate, but $22 of that goes to G.L.
  • Report any charitable activity you do to Br. Shaun Henry.
  • Blood Drive: We collected 24 units on Saturday, April 30th.  Thank you to those who helped & donated.
  • Family Picnic is Saturday, May 7th at Bob Woodruff, North Pavilion.
    • 10am – 4pm
    • Lots of fun activities.
  • Master’s Proficiency was conducted.
  • We paid our bills.
  • We read an excerpt from the Texas Masonic Law.
  • Brother Marshall presented a small program on Unity as we hear of in the EA degree, and its ability to similarly foster growth & prosperity.
  • Calendar Highlights:
    • May 5th: Stated Meeting for May
    • May 7th: Plano Lodge #768 Picnic.  See ‘Events’.
    • May 9th: Museum & Library will have Part 1 of the Masters Degree discussion regarding differences between the Modern & Ancient ceremonies (aka: French & English or Scottish Rite & York Rite).
    • May 12th: EA Degree
    • May 19th: EA Degree
    • May 21st: Corner Stone Ceremony, Noon – 3pm.
    • May 21st : Conference of the Middle Chamber, 4pm – 7pm.  See M&L for more details.
    • May 26th: Rum Tasting Night at Museum & Library.
    • June 2nd: Stated Meeting for June.
  • Every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm, there are scheduled practices for the lectures and various degrees.  It is open and encouraged for anyone to attend to prepare for parts in the degrees.
  • New by-laws are ready to be distributed.  Please try to attend and get your copy this month.
  • Closed in Harmony.