Apr 112016
April 4 On this date in 1778, Voltaire was initiated in “Les Neuf Soeurs” Lodge in Paris. His conductors were Benjamin Franklin and Count Gebelin
April 5 On this date in 1886, Rudyard Kipling received his 1st degree.
April 8 On this date in 1790, the Grand Lodge of New Hampshire was constituted
April 19 On this date in 1787, the Grand Lodge of Maryland was formedOn this date (or April 18) in 1850, the Grand Lodge of California was formed
April 20 On this date in 1884, Pope Leo XIII issued a famous Papal Bull against Freemasonry, titled Humanum Genus
April 21 On this date in 1821 the Grand Lodge of Missouri was founded.
April 22 On this date in 1785, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart received his 3rd degree.
April 24 On this date in 1901, President Theodore Roosevelt received his 3rd degree.
April 28 On this date in 1738, Pope Clement XII issued the first Papal Bull attacking FreemasonryOn this date in 1840, the Grand Lodge of Illinois was formed

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