From the East: October 2013

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Oct 082013


When we receive our degrees, we incur obligations.  These obligations are to ourselves, our families, Masonry and the societies we live in.  How we accept and fulfill these obligations reflect on us as individuals and as Masons.  Some of them are easier to follow than others, but all are equally important.

Our obligations to society are the most visible and usually the most visible and easiest to follow.  We are enjoined to be good citizens and work within the rules of our societies.  We may not agree with the rules, but must accept them are work to revise them within acceptable methods of change.

Our obligations to ourselves are usually not as visible as the others, but can have more impact upon ourselves and those around us.  These are also the easiest to avoid and least likely to be noticed, especially those to ourselves.  Of the two, the familial obligations should have priority.

The Masonic obligations are voluntary, but nevertheless important.  How we approach them, will reflect upon ourselves and the Fraternity.  One of our most important responsibilities is the approach we take to potential new Masons.  Remember that when they visit us or our Lodge their impression of us is vital to their decision whether to continue seeking admittance.  We should answer their questions as openly and honestly as we can.  If we can’t answer a particular question, let them know, respectfully, why we can’t answer their question at that time.  Initiate a conversation with them when they visit; introduce yourself and introduce them to the other Brethren.  Speaking for myself, it is hard for someone coming to a Masonic Lodge the first time to know what to expect unless they have an acquaintance or relative involved in Masonry.  Consider that they may be nervous and uncertain and welcome them.

Another area that tends to be neglected, are the youth organizations associated with Masonry: Rainbow Girls and DeMolay.  I know they are always looking for Masons to participate in their activities and would be more than happy to accept any participation from us.  So, if your time and schedule permits, please consider helping them in any way you can.

– Bill Goodell, Worshipful Master