Sep 152013


I’ve had several discussions recently with Brethren about mentorship.  We don’t talk about it much formally, but it is one of the more important facets of our lives as men and Masons.  As men, we should lead by example in our daily lives among non-Masons.  The virtues and actions that we practice as Masons are equally applicable to interactions with non-Masons.  Among Masons, we should remember that potential Brethren are visiting or talking with us and generally have little experience or knowledge of Masons or Masonic practices.  When we have visitors to the Lodge, please take a moment to make them feel welcome and answer any of their questions, remembering that this may be their first impression of Masons.  Once a Brother has been initiated, he selects an instructor to learn the work as we all have done.  The relationship between the new Brother and his instructor will be one of the longest and strongest Masonic bonds a Brother will ever have.  Those of us who instruct candidates should remember that it is usually a stressful experience, especially for new candidates, and they may be hesitant to ask questions.  Although it doesn’t pertain to the work specifically, we should make the new candidates aware of other Masonic activities they can participate in during their study periods.  When they are participating in other activities or observing degrees, let’s make an effort to sit close to them or meet with them afterwards while the activity is still fresh in their minds and we can answer any questions they may have.

Remember, we should be as willing to give as they are to receive.

– Bill Goodell, Worshipful Master

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