Aug 242013


The August stated meeting was our official visit from Right Worshipful Jeff Forrester, District Deputy Grand Master for our district.  I would like to thank Brother Forrester and Brother Keith Stephens, our District Instructor, for their attendance.  As always, it was a pleasure and informative for me to visit with them.

I would like to talk a little bit about one of the initiatives that I propose for the upcoming Masonic Year.  We have talked a great deal about getting new brothers into the Fraternity, but not so much about how to keep them.  What I’m proposing is that we begin a mentorship program for newly initiated Brothers.  Going forward, I will expect the top-line signer(s) of a petition to take the lead in coordinating the activities of the new Brother.  He should assist the Brother in finding an instructor if he is unable to teach the Brother himself and monitor his progress in learning the work.  If the Brother hasn’t been attending Lodge, check on him and see if there is any assistance required from the Officers of the Lodge, or anyone else.  Encourage him to attend Lodge functions that are permitted to him and assist him in attending functions and activities that may be occurring outside our Lodge.  If he would like to participate in Lodge activities, such as degree work and education sessions help him with that also.

Please give my suggestion some thought and provide me any comments that you think advisable.

– Bill Goodell, Worshipful Master

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