Jul 122013


Several members have expressed concern that the Blood Drive is being held on the same weekend as the third day of the Fall Reunion. I was told, “I’d give, but I’ll be at the Scottish Rite all day.”

Well, here’s your chance to support your lodge, the Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital – and not miss out on the events of Reunion Day 3.

Three Simple Steps:

1. Visit the Plano Donor Center page and schedule your appointment from this link: https://ww2.greatpartners.org/donor/schedules/center/21

Click on one of the links in the calendar to make an appointment – NOTE: You may donate on a SATURDAY or SUNDAY!

2. When you arrive for your appointment, provide the following information to the receptionist upon registration:


SPNID 031053

3. Contact me when you have made your donation and I will add your numbers to the final tally of pints.

Finally brethren, please let me know if you have any friends or family members who are interested in giving on the day of the event (October 26th). I will add them to the list and notify them of an appointment time for their convenience.



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