Plano Lodge #768 Scholarship Application

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May 022013


Plano Lodge #768 Scholarship Application



Plano Lodge #768 in conjunction with the North Texas Masonic Historical Museum & Library is awarding two, $1000.00 scholarships to local students towards higher education.    The decision will be based upon qualification and merit of the Essay focused on Masonic history in Texas or its historical territories.

  • Applications will be accepted any time.  Our due date is February 1st, 7pm, for the following school year (Fall-Spring) by mail (PO Box) or in-person to:

Plano Masonic Lodge #768

P. O. Box 860282

Plano, TX 75086


Plano Masonic Lodge #768

1414 ½ J Ave

Plano, TX 75074

  • Attention should be made to the Scholarship Committee.  We will accept applications & essays anytime throughout the year leading to the Feb. 1 deadline.
  • Plano Lodge #768 with the North Texas Masonic Historical Museum & Library will have the scholarship committee review, rank, and approve the received applications.  The best two essays will be awarded the scholarships.
  • In May we will announce decisions
  • In July we present awards
  • The lodge will pay the college or university upon enrollment by the scholarship recipient.

Your submitted application should include these items (1-8):

  1. Full Name
  2. Address
    1. You must live within Collin County or a county adjoining it
  3. Contact information
    1. Phone
    2. Email
  4. College or Institution’s Name & Address, if known
  5. Past semester(s)’s transcript with GPA minimum of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  6. Interest or Degree plan
  7. Personal paragraph
    1. While the scholarship is based upon the historic essay, we would like to know about you, your situation, your plans, and any circumstances that you feel we should know.
    2. Masonic affiliation is not a prerequisite to apply, but is definitely allowed.
  8. Essay
    1. Subject: Fraternal or Masonic History in Texas
    2. Qualification: (at least) 3 full pages (double-spaced, 1” margins, 12-pt Times New Roman font) in addition to proper referencing of source material.
    3. Notes:
      1. Masonry can be interpreted to include other Fraternal or appendant bodies.
      2. Suggestions: Personal biographies, Masonic functions, Social functions, Educational functions, Charitable functions, Masonic places, Eras and local fraternal impact, Fraternal organization history or other similar.
      3. Texas history may be Plano, Dallas, Peter’s Colony, Republic of Texas, State of Texas, or other geographical or historical tie to our community.
      4. Essays will become property of the North Texas Masonic Historical Museum & Library collection.
        1. The Essay may be re-published or publicly displayed with credit assigned to author.

The North Texas Masonic Historical Museum & Library will be open for research.

  • M / W / F 1 – 4pm, or other arrangements may be made.