Aug 062012

Conference Agenda
Saturday, August 18, 2012 (4PM – 7PM)
Rudyard Kipling
Robert F Pannell

William R. Goodell

Conference Schedule for 2012:
Saturday, February 11, 2011  1PM – 4PM
Saturday, May 26, 2011  4PM – 7PM
Saturday, August 18, 2011  4PM – 7PM
Saturday, November 17, 2011  4PM – 7PM

Hosted By:
North Texas Masonic Historical Museum and Library
1414 J Avenue
Plano, TX, 75074

The Conference of the Middle Chamber is a great opportunity for Freemasons, young and old, to join
each other in exploring and unfolding the beauties of Masonic philosophy, history, and practice. Each conference hosts presentations, discussions, and panels selected from proposals submitted by Masons.

Topics for presentation and discussion will encompass anything with the exploration and progress of
Freemasonry at its heart, including other philosophies and practices that perhaps bear some relationship
to Freemasonry.

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