Jan 092011

Family Night Dinner (5:30 pm start) continues much success due in large part to the efforts of Barry, Jim & occasional help in our kitchen.  Many good meals are enjoyed and talked about again and again.

Open in an EA Meeting at 7pm.

  • 35 Masons were in attendance with 6 Past Masters & 1 Visitor.
  • Br. Chaplain read and talked about the brotherly love of others from different nationalities.  These talks are very well done and insightful.
  • Two resolutions of respect for our brothers Roy Stewart (60 year mason) and Harry “Tiny” Powell our past secretary of 25  years.
  • Minutes from December were read and approved.
  • New copies of the by-laws are at the printer and will be ready soon.
  • Events:
    • Museum & Library has its continuing series on Morals & Dogma Monday night (Jan. 10th) at 7:30pm.  The topics will cover the 2nd and 17th chapters with a review of the differences between Red & Blue 2nd degrees.
    • Cornerstone event should be first or second weekend of May.
    • Picnic is moved to May 7th.
    • Roughriders Masonic Night Out is being planned by Clay Smith.  Anyone else interested in helping to organize the event details should contact Clay.  We are looking for 2 more people (Eric B. volunteered for one).
    • January 27th will be a Museum & Library event covering Scotch tasting, history, and other great information.   7pm downstairs from Lodge.
    • January 28th is the Scottish Rite, Robert Burns dinner (non-Masonic event).  Need to make reservation beforehand through the Dallas Scottish Rite.
    • Wednesday, Feb. 3rd will be an event for a Table Lodge / Fundraiser hosted by the Museum & Library.  6:30pm dinner & drink.  See M&L website or ‘Events’ for additional details.
    • Wednesday, Jan. 19th, 6:30pm / 7:30pm is dinner / MWSA meeting at East Fork Lodge.
    • Degree practice continues the day before a degree will occur for that degree at Lodge starting at 6:30pm to help in learning the work and parts.
    • Degree practice continues at the Museum & Library Mon, Wed, Fri at 1, 2, 3pm for EA, FC, MM work respectively.
  • No ballots
  • Electrical work will be done soon on the building.
  • Charity & Sickness reports on Cory D, Linda M, Sam T (doing better), and Charles M (sick).
  • Golden Trowel Committee reported its recommendation to honor Larry Kester next month (Feb. 24th) for his long time & diverse contributions to Masonry.
  • Bills were reported and to be paid.
  • Called Meetings:
    • Jan. 13th – MM Proficiency & DDGM reception practice
    • Jan. 20th – MM degree
    • Jan. 27th – M&L Event
  • Texas Masonic Retirement Home stated that it truly and really appreciates all the donations for the Country Store.  Our efforts are well appreciated.  (Clay’s efforts are greatly appreciated as well.)
  • There is an email mailing list for those who are interested in knowing and volunteering (in advance) for degree parts.  Let Kevin know if you want to join the list.
  • Closed EA Lodge.

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