See Your Doctor

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Jan 202011

Brothers and family,

We at Plano Masonic Lodge have had quite a run of serious illnesses between our brothers and their family.  A good portion of time was spent at lodge imploring everyone to be sure they get regular exams, and encourage their family members to do the same.

Early detection helps anyone with serious illnesses, such as cancer, to significantly increase their odds in fighting the disease.

Please for your sake and peace-of-mind, schedule an annual check-up.  Ask your relatives if they have been in the past year, and help them to get there.  You will thank yourself for it, and we all will be better for the extra attention.

Working for Health,

Plano Masonic Lodge

(past) Scotch Tasting – Thurs. Jan 27

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Jan 202011

The Museum & Library will be hosting a Scotch Tasting Evening at the downtown
Plano location – 1414 J Avenue on Thursday, January 27 at 6:30 PM.  Fine Scotch
is one of the great pleasures in life and this is a great opportunity to learn
everything a layman needs to know about this fine spirit.

Bro. Sam Tiner will give a presentation about the history of Scotch, how it is
processed, distilled, bottled, etc.  Come learn about the difference between
Single Malt, Single Grain, Blended Malt, Blended Grain, and Blended Scotch
Whiskeys.  Following the presentation we will have several different types of
Scotch available for sampling to understand and appreciate these differences.

Although we will not charge for this event, donations will be accepted.  Most
tastings will cost between $35-$75.

We look forward to seeing you.

JJ Miller

Remembering Harry Franklin ‘Tiny’ Powell

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Jan 092011

In searching for light
Freemasonry illuminates the way
It’s your choice, pick the path.
Study it by night, search for it by day.

Mankind not knowing all the truth
Travels North and out of sight,
Our beloved brother traveled, East, South to West,
Through the elliptic; towards light.

Traveling on unstable ground as life casts its spell,
Sometimes beyond the compass, at times beyond the square,
But at his end he treasured our solemn oath,
Which we all know so well:
The Architect finally cast aside his well-worn shirt
Took him by the hand, and called him brother.

~B. Parrish

The Texas Masonic License Plate

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Jan 092011


THE TEXAS MASONIC LICENSE PLATE is scheduled to go on to the web for
public comment later this month. It will only be there for comment
for only 10 days. The Department of Motor Vehicles will notify us of
the link for public comment when it becomes available and we need to
click on and show our support for the Texas Masonic License plate.
Please notify all your members that are on your email list and at
your meetings to check their email daily for notice of the link to
public comment.

The greater the support the better chance we have of having the
plate approved by the Department commission.

January 2011 Notes from Stated Meeting

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Jan 092011

Family Night Dinner (5:30 pm start) continues much success due in large part to the efforts of Barry, Jim & occasional help in our kitchen.  Many good meals are enjoyed and talked about again and again.

Open in an EA Meeting at 7pm.

  • 35 Masons were in attendance with 6 Past Masters & 1 Visitor.
  • Br. Chaplain read and talked about the brotherly love of others from different nationalities.  These talks are very well done and insightful.
  • Two resolutions of respect for our brothers Roy Stewart (60 year mason) and Harry “Tiny” Powell our past secretary of 25  years.
  • Minutes from December were read and approved.
  • New copies of the by-laws are at the printer and will be ready soon.
  • Events:
    • Museum & Library has its continuing series on Morals & Dogma Monday night (Jan. 10th) at 7:30pm.  The topics will cover the 2nd and 17th chapters with a review of the differences between Red & Blue 2nd degrees.
    • Cornerstone event should be first or second weekend of May.
    • Picnic is moved to May 7th.
    • Roughriders Masonic Night Out is being planned by Clay Smith.  Anyone else interested in helping to organize the event details should contact Clay.  We are looking for 2 more people (Eric B. volunteered for one).
    • January 27th will be a Museum & Library event covering Scotch tasting, history, and other great information.   7pm downstairs from Lodge.
    • January 28th is the Scottish Rite, Robert Burns dinner (non-Masonic event).  Need to make reservation beforehand through the Dallas Scottish Rite.
    • Wednesday, Feb. 3rd will be an event for a Table Lodge / Fundraiser hosted by the Museum & Library.  6:30pm dinner & drink.  See M&L website or ‘Events’ for additional details.
    • Wednesday, Jan. 19th, 6:30pm / 7:30pm is dinner / MWSA meeting at East Fork Lodge.
    • Degree practice continues the day before a degree will occur for that degree at Lodge starting at 6:30pm to help in learning the work and parts.
    • Degree practice continues at the Museum & Library Mon, Wed, Fri at 1, 2, 3pm for EA, FC, MM work respectively.
  • No ballots
  • Electrical work will be done soon on the building.
  • Charity & Sickness reports on Cory D, Linda M, Sam T (doing better), and Charles M (sick).
  • Golden Trowel Committee reported its recommendation to honor Larry Kester next month (Feb. 24th) for his long time & diverse contributions to Masonry.
  • Bills were reported and to be paid.
  • Called Meetings:
    • Jan. 13th – MM Proficiency & DDGM reception practice
    • Jan. 20th – MM degree
    • Jan. 27th – M&L Event
  • Texas Masonic Retirement Home stated that it truly and really appreciates all the donations for the Country Store.  Our efforts are well appreciated.  (Clay’s efforts are greatly appreciated as well.)
  • There is an email mailing list for those who are interested in knowing and volunteering (in advance) for degree parts.  Let Kevin know if you want to join the list.
  • Closed EA Lodge.