Nov 172010

Two Fellowcraft degrees in November: one on Nov. 11th & one on Nov. 18th.  Come watch or participate!

Degree practice to be held the Wednesday’s before each at Lodge.

Cornerstone – look for a Plano ceremony in April.

Conference of Middle Chamber – downstairs of lodge, 1-4pm on Sat. Nov. 20th

Dallas Masonic Services Bureau – Plano Lodge – Nov. 22nd.  6:30 dinner, 7:15 lecture.  State Senator Florence Shapiro will speak on education.

Ghost Tours have been conducted at Plano Lodge.  Ask for the stories on Thursday.

Interior painting is still being planned, but probably not until January 2011.

Two petitions were received.

Grand Lodge of Texas will hold its annual meeting December 2nd-4th. ALL PAST MASTERS ARE STRONGLY REQUESTED TO ATTEND THE VOTING. Ask any Master if you are unsure why.

November 25th and December 2nd dates are dark (Thanksgiving and Grand Lodge respectively).

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