(past) Museum & Library – Great Speaker!

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Oct 082010

This event will be terrific.

On Saturday, October 16, 2010 from 2-4PM the North Texas Masonic Museum & Library invites you to hear Dr. Steven C. Bullock speak about his book, Revolutionary Brotherhood: Freemasons and the Transformation of the American Social Order, 1730-1840. His presentation will reveal the legacy of Freemasonry before, during, and after the Revolutionary War, which continues to make America the land of the free.

Come find out why Masonry was so important to the founding of our country.

He will be explaining the important roll Freemasonry played in the success of the Revolutionary War and the Founding of America. We all know that without Freemasonry, the Continental Army would have failed miserably as would have the U.S. Constitution, but you will be surprised to discover the reason “why.” Don’t miss this opportunity to also learn about the founding of American Freemasonry.

This is the first of three forums about the roll Masonry has played in founding our country.

Tickets are a $25 donation to the 501(c)3 Charitable North Texas Masonic Historical Museum & Library.

  1. In advance, from a member of the Board of Directors.
  2. At the door.
  3. Please RSVP by calling JJ Miller at 214-733-1814 or e-mailing him at jjmiller768@yahoo.com

The book is superb & the information being presented is historical and insightful. The lecture is OPEN to all who wish to listen and participate: Masons, non-masons, families, and friends.

(past) Upcoming Events for Plano Lodge

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Oct 082010

Widow’s Night is being planned. If you’d like to help, please ask Larry or Clay.

Oct. 23-24: We have 2 work days dedicated to completing our Lodge From 990. Please help at Lodge. Ask Adam for any details on this.

Lodge Facelift: Brian Cook is trying to organize a facelift to our Lodge interior. He is coordinating with Rainbow on some ideas, but would welcome extra ideas and manpower.

Lodge Volunteering: Clay indicates that if anyone is looking to donate Money or Time to help Plano Lodge, he has a list of many tasks and ideas of how you can help us. Please speak with Clay.

Blood Drive: October 30th between breakfast and lunch – donate blood or help setup / tear-down. (See our other announcement on this). Blood Donations are welcome by anyone (not just Masons). All our donations are blood contribution credits for the Dallas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children which significantly reduces how much blood they would need to buy otherwise.

Halloween / Kids Night Out Event – we are cancelling our participation this year due to lack of volunteers. However, if you’d like to help solicit donations or participate in handing-out candy for next year, speak-up so we can plan this sufficiently when the time is right for next year.

From The East – October

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Oct 082010


As we move into the fall season and our schedules get full, I hope you take the time to focus on the things that really matter. Faith, Family, Friendship, and Fellowship can be lost in our hectic schedules if we do not make the time.  It is in the spirit of not losing out on opportunities that I have 2 requests that I make of you.  I am asking these from the bottom of my heart, because your brotherhood needs you.

First, I am asking all Past Masters, of any lodge, but especially Plano Lodge to make plans to attend Grand Lodge in December.  One of our own, Brother Charles McKay is running for the Grand South and could use your support.  If you cannot make the whole session, I ask that you come down for Saturday and the voting that occurs that morning.  Please contact me if you need help getting there as we will try to arrange a caravan to bring as many past masters as we can on Saturday morning.  I will be there the whole time, but some of the other officers and I will be working on setting up the caravan.

Secondly, I have been very proud of the members who attend lodge and have contributed items to support the Texas Masonic Retirement Center.  Last month, during our stated meeting, we passed the hat in support of buying items to help fill the country store at the TMRC.  If you cannot attend lodge, or even just don’t regularly attend, and would like to contribute to our support of the TMRC, please send a donation to the lodge and we will purchase items on your behalf and take them to the TMRC.  Please help in the supporting of our widows.

As always, we would like to see you at lodge.  We are there every Thursday having fellowship and doing the work of the craft.


Adam DeMasellis

Worshipful Master, Plano Lodge #768

Blood Drive – Sat., October 30th, 7am-3pm

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Oct 082010

Blood Drive: Saturday October 30th between 7am and 3pm

Where: Groundfloor of the Plano Lodge Building in Historic Downtown Plano (1414 J Ave). Plenty of close parking.

  • Come to donate blood or help setup / tear-down.
  • Blood Donations are welcome by anyone (not just Masons).
  • Breakfast & Lunch will be served to those who come out.
  • T-Shirts are given to all donors.

Need more encouragement to come out?

  1. It is always great to give Blood!
  2. It directly supports the Scottish Rite Hospital by offsetting their costs to buy blood.
  3. It all really goes to help the children.

Isn’t that enough to come out and do something terrific?!