Nov 012008

What does Masonry teaches us about death?  During October, November, and December the days grow shorter than the nights and the leaves and summer vegetation all wither and die back.  Many ancient religions believed the these months symbolized the death of the Sun with the longer and longer nights, until it seemed darkness would overcome the Sun completely.

Death is the great leveler.  No wealth, rank, or distinction of honor can prevent its coming.  Its approach is uncertain.  It frequently comes without warning and when we least expect it.  Death reaps its harvest with the scythe of destruction.  No one can calculate when they may fall victim to its power.  The ninth or last class of emblems on the Master’s carpet teach us to reflect and think upon our life’s events and how they will be received before the tribunal of eternal Justice.

The memory of the good and virtuous Mason will always be cherished, and their ashes will be safely deposited in the urn of mortality.  So live your life conscious of the balance between how your choices and actions will reflect upon you once you have passed.  Your family will always remember you longer than anyone else, so give them your first consideration.  It will be your family and friends who, after years have gone by, will reflect upon how you touched their lives and what you meant to them.  And finally, remember that whatever faults and frailties an erring brother may have had, the broad mantle of his charity should cover them.

Live your life accordingly.

Near the light,
JJ Miller

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