Aug 012008

Why did you join the Lodge?  Has your reason for staying in Lodge changed?  As an Apprentice, you were placed in the Northeast corner and given instructions upon which to build a moral and Masonic edifice, a floorplan for living a good life.  The questions and answers provided you with the cornerstone, but how much of your façade have you completed since laying that first stone?

Have you actively practiced charity, compassion, brotherhood, temperance, fortitude, prudence, and justice?  And what kinds of materials are you using to build your personal façade?  Are you deliberately taking the extra time to use stone and mortar or are you cutting corners and using wood or straw?  Are you breaking off the rough and unusable parts of the stones so they fit tightly?

Every one of us must strengthen and fortify our character to successfully weather life’s turbulent, rough, and tumble storms.  We must be actively reflecting upon what the esoteric work is trying to teach us about how to craft and place the many stones that compose our whole life.  Do not get in a hurry to complete your great work because you are building a Temple, not a shed.

Every day, take time to work on your Masonic edifice.  Deliberately strive to improve yourself and carefully measure, cut, and place each personal and spiritual stone.  By reflecting upon the lessons of the esoteric work and how you can apply them to the challenges you face each day, you will construct a Temple that magnificently reflects who you are.

Near the light,
JJ Miller

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