Why We Teach the Work

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Jul 012008

Why do we require candidates to learn the esoteric work? Is it to haze our new Masons or to yoke our members with an additional Masonic burden? Sometimes it may feel this way, but in truth, it has a higher purpose. Teaching the work is what distinguishes Masonry from all other civic groups. It is the starting point used to forge the strong bonds of Masonic friendship, and it is the common bond that unites all Masons. Cutting corners while teaching the work only weakens Masonry in the long-term because it weakens the foundation of our friendships.

Teaching the work is no easy task. It requires 35-60 hours of studying to complete all three degrees. However, during that time you really get to know the candidate and he really gets a chance to know you. By the time you complete the Master’s work, you will very likely have a very good friend due to this shared experience. Being an instructor is your chance to communicate what Masonry means to you, to reflect upon what the lessons of the esoteric work are trying to teach, and then determine how to communicate that to our new brother.

Commit to taking the time to learn the questions and answers and promise yourself to teach a new Mason. For your efforts, you will be richly rewarded with a new friend and you will also be contributing to the long-term success of our beloved fraternity by building a stronger foundation for our brotherhood.


JJ Miller
WM, Plano Masonic Lodge