From the East – December

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Dec 152007

Brethren All,

We have recently closed our Grand Lodge annual communication in Waco. During that session some monumental changes in Texas Masonry occurred. For those of you who were unable to attend for various reasons let me inform you of the two changes I think will impact Masonry in Texas the most. First is that it is no longer a Masonic offense to posses a code book of the esoteric work in certain circumstances. Second is stated meetings may now be opened in the Entered Apprentice degree and all business can occur while open in that degree. I know there are strong feelings associated with both of these changes and I will leave that to be discussed in the lodge room.

This is the time of year when families and friends gather for celebrations; the time of year to reflect upon what has occurred during the previous months; the time of year when some see friends or loved ones not often seen; and a time when certain meals or dishes are prepared, that would simply not taste right at any other time. Please savor this time and spend it wisely for you will not get another chance for 12 whole months. Enjoy the season and all it brings. Spend time with those friends and family and reflect on what a great year 2007 has been.

In that spirit December will be a somewhat slow month at Plano Lodge. Our stated meeting will be held on the 13th; on the 20th I expect we will have an Entered Apprentice degree and something different will occur on the 27th. I don’t believe that many would show up at lodge that night, so to bring the friends and families together for a little fun lodge will be dark, but we will be gathering to view the new movie National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Let’s gather to have a little fun with Masonry and rest and refresh ourselves for what I am sure will be a very busy 2008.

In the light,