From the East – June

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Jun 192007

Close the lodge

Very soon we will be ending the 111th Masonic year for Plano Lodge #768. As usual we have been very busy at work in the quarries. By the time the year ends on St. John the Baptist day, June 24th we will have had 12 stated meetings and 39 called meetings, (two dark Thursdays in the year.) We will have conferred more that 45 degrees – Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason, (Tiny says he will count them up after the year ends.)

Among the activities of the Lodge for the year are included:

  • Annual Certificate exam where many Plano Masons showed their proficiency in our ritual work
  • Good participation in grand lodge workshops
  • Participation with other community organizations to distribute candy at the annual Halloween party at Garden ridge
  • Institution of the family night on stated meeting days
  • Beginning of the Tracking and mentoring of new Masons program
  • The 79th annual Washington’s birthday barbeque
  • Trip to Claremore OK to confer a Texas style degree
  • Presentation 50 year awards and Lamar awards
  • Two record setting blood drives
  • Participation in the MWSA outdoor degree

I have enjoyed my time as Master and your encouragement, and patience and good advice. I wish the best for the new team and expect that they will enthusiastically, resourcefully and competently represent Plano Lodge in the 112th year.

See you in lodge. We have another busy month ahead.


Fred Smith

Worshipful Master