May 112007

Signs, prayer, gavels

As we close our Lodge we again exchange the signs or the symbols of our obligations. As we repeat these signs with each other from week to week we are silently repeating our obligations to each other. These symbols and signs are ways that we have for reminding us of the more complicated ideas they represent.

As we all know prayer is an essential part of every lodge stated or called meeting, and is a part of the opening of each lodge, as well as the closing. We are taught that before engaging in any great or laudable undertaking we must first invoke the blessing of deity.

Again, the familiar rap of a gavel re-focuses our attention and directs us “to prepare to quit our sacred retreat of friendship and virtue to mix with the world.”

So again, we find new meaning in our ceremonies. Let the next closing of the next lodge be, again, a reminder of those first lessons we learned.

We have firmed up our plans to visit our brothers in Claremore Oklahoma and to confer a Texas style Master Masons degree there. We have dispensation from the Grand Lodge and a candidate. The date of the trip is May 19th. Our degree won’t start until afternoon so most of us will probably travel there on Saturday morning, (about 41/2 hour drive.) The Claremore lodge will have a dinner for us at the lodge after the degree. If you want to spend the night in Claremore, (most will,) we usually stay at the Days Inn, (918 341-2323,) they would offer a group rate on 10 or more rooms of $59, single or double.

See you in lodge. We have another busy month ahead.


Fred Smith

Worshipful Master

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