Mar 202007

The work of the lodge

The work of the Lodge begins with the Master announcing the purpose for the meeting. In our Plano Lodge we either have a stated meeting as required in our by-laws or a called meeting for the purpose of conferring degrees. This month we plan to confer five Master Mason degrees and perhaps an EA degree in five or six called meetings. A called meeting is announced in the Stated Meeting to give notice to all members of the lodge of our intention to hold the called meeting. Otherwise, if the lodge desires to call a meeting not previously announced, all members must be notified by mail or telephone.

In a broader sense, the work of the lodge is all those things that we do to assist our brothers, or join in fellowship with our brothers or contribute to our communities. We meet in fellowship each week at meal time; we offer assistance to our brothers in need. We contribute to the community through our programs such as “Gift of Life” or “Lamar Medals” and recognize community leaders with our “Community Builder” award. Our affiliated organizations such as Scottish Rite, York Rite and Shrine have operated some of this country’s most well known philanthropies.

We have contributed to our community for 79 years with our annual George Washington’s Birthday Dinner celebration, the first being held in 1928 the last year of Calvin Coolidge’s presidency and the year of the first Academy Awards.

We have begun talking with our brothers in Claremore, Oklahoma about renewing our mutual visitation weekends. We may be traveling to Oklahoma this spring if we can work something out.

See you in lodge. We have another busy month ahead. And I wish everyone a very Happy Saint Patrick’s day.


Fred Smith

Worshipful Master

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