From the East – February

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Feb 152007

Honor the flag, introduce visitors

With a battery of gavels and a declaration in the name of God and the Holy Saints John the lodge is opened. The Master announces the purpose of the lodge and we get to the business of the evening.

In our lodge we begin the business of the evening by acknowledging the sovereignty of our country and state through a pledge to the flag of our country and to the Texas flag. It is the Sr. Deacon’s responsibility in our lodge to greet visitors, make them feel welcome and examine them if necessary to assure that they are Mason’s recognized by our Grand Lodge and are in good standing. He then, after the lodge is open, introduces them to the Lodge and also presents to the Lodge any grand officer present. Even if a visitor is already known as a Mason, he is usually introduced to the lodge. Such introductions in lodge may be the threads of which fraternity is woven; if they are as kindly, courteous and interested as the hospitality of Masonry indicates, they may be woven into a cloth of friendliness which is equally a cloak of warmth to visitor and to host.

Dignitaries visiting a lodge are almost always formally introduced. No matter how well known he may be, no lodge would receive a Grand Master without presenting him formally (introducing him) to the brethren. The forms and ceremonies for this differ in different Grand Jurisdictions but the intent is the same in all; to honor the distinguished official of Grand Lodge and to set him before the brethren with dignity and importance.

Please make plans to attend our annual George Washington’s birthday dinner. Tiny Powell recalls that this event had been practiced in Plan long before he became a Mason. This year, as in the recent past years, the dinner will be held at the Plano East High School cafeteria beginning at 6:00 PM. Please invite you family and friends. There will be entertainment following dinner and everyone is urged to stay and enjoy.

See you in lodge. We have another busy month ahead. And I wish everyone a very Happy Ground Hogs Day.


Fred Smith

Worshipful Master