See Your Doctor

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Jan 202011

Brothers and family,

We at Plano Masonic Lodge have had quite a run of serious illnesses between our brothers and their family.  A good portion of time was spent at lodge imploring everyone to be sure they get regular exams, and encourage their family members to do the same.

Early detection helps anyone with serious illnesses, such as cancer, to significantly increase their odds in fighting the disease.

Please for your sake and peace-of-mind, schedule an annual check-up.  Ask your relatives if they have been in the past year, and help them to get there.  You will thank yourself for it, and we all will be better for the extra attention.

Working for Health,

Plano Masonic Lodge

Remembering Harry Franklin ‘Tiny’ Powell

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Jan 092011

In searching for light
Freemasonry illuminates the way
It’s your choice, pick the path.
Study it by night, search for it by day.

Mankind not knowing all the truth
Travels North and out of sight,
Our beloved brother traveled, East, South to West,
Through the elliptic; towards light.

Traveling on unstable ground as life casts its spell,
Sometimes beyond the compass, at times beyond the square,
But at his end he treasured our solemn oath,
Which we all know so well:
The Architect finally cast aside his well-worn shirt
Took him by the hand, and called him brother.

~B. Parrish

The Texas Masonic License Plate

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Jan 092011


THE TEXAS MASONIC LICENSE PLATE is scheduled to go on to the web for
public comment later this month. It will only be there for comment
for only 10 days. The Department of Motor Vehicles will notify us of
the link for public comment when it becomes available and we need to
click on and show our support for the Texas Masonic License plate.
Please notify all your members that are on your email list and at
your meetings to check their email daily for notice of the link to
public comment.

The greater the support the better chance we have of having the
plate approved by the Department commission.

Harry Franklin “Tiny” Powell

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Jan 042011

Services for our beloved Harry Franklin “Tiny” Powell will be on Tuesday,
January 4th, 2011, at 3 p.m.  There will be a reception following the funeral at
the Plano Masonic Lodge.

There will be a visitation on Monday, January 3rd, 2011, from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Both the visitation and the service will be at:
Ted Dickey Funeral Home
2128 18th Street
Plano, TX 75074

There will be a detailed obituary on the funeral home website at


Adam DeMasellis

Help, Aid & Assist

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Dec 132010


We are taking up collections at our meetings on December 16th, December 30th,
and January 6th to assist in medical bills as well as pay for a bathroom remodel
to make it wheelchair accessible which has become necessary.  For those who do
not know, Tiny fell while getting into the tub to take a shower and broke his
arm.  This makes standing difficult as he really used this arm to stand up and
support himself when walking.

Like I mentioned, we are taking up collections at our next 3 meetings as well as
giving out of our distressed brother relief fund.  We will be submitting the
funds and forms to the Grand lodge for whatever matching assistance that they
can provide.  If you would like to donate, please bring it by the lodge, the
library, or you can mail it to our P.O. Box.

P.O. Box 860282
Plano, TX 75086

If you live in the Dallas area and would like for us to come by and pick
something up, please let me know and either myself or one of the officers of the
lodge will come by and save you a trip.  My cell phone is 214-244-7830, or just
reply to this e-mail.

Tiny is currently at Reliant Rehabilitation Hospital
3351 Waterview Parkway
Richardson, Texas 75080
His Cell Phone is 972-742-7433.  If you have the chance, please stop by and see
him(call first) or at least give him a call and let him know that he is loved
and not forgotten.

Tiny has been and still is an institution here in Plano as well as throughout
Collin County.  Please, if you know of another lodge that might want to help
Tiny out, please forward this message to them.


Adam DeMasellis
Worshipful Master, Plano Masonic Lodge #768

November Events for Plano Lodge

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Nov 172010

Two Fellowcraft degrees in November: one on Nov. 11th & one on Nov. 18th.  Come watch or participate!

Degree practice to be held the Wednesday’s before each at Lodge.

Cornerstone – look for a Plano ceremony in April.

Conference of Middle Chamber – downstairs of lodge, 1-4pm on Sat. Nov. 20th

Dallas Masonic Services Bureau – Plano Lodge – Nov. 22nd.  6:30 dinner, 7:15 lecture.  State Senator Florence Shapiro will speak on education.

Ghost Tours have been conducted at Plano Lodge.  Ask for the stories on Thursday.

Interior painting is still being planned, but probably not until January 2011.

Two petitions were received.

Grand Lodge of Texas will hold its annual meeting December 2nd-4th. ALL PAST MASTERS ARE STRONGLY REQUESTED TO ATTEND THE VOTING. Ask any Master if you are unsure why.

November 25th and December 2nd dates are dark (Thanksgiving and Grand Lodge respectively).