From the East, January 2019

My Brothers,

First and foremost, I want to apologize for my lack of attendance during the month of December. My family was struck with a stomach virus and we passed it around to each other all month. My two year old daughter got it so bad she became severely dehydrated and had to be taken to the emergency room. Family must come first and I made it my duty to take care of them all. I want to thank our Senior Warden, Brother Bob Pannell, for stepping in and taking care of things during my absence.

It is hard to believe that half of this Masonic year is already over. As I look back on what has been done within the last six months I realize just how much more there is to do. I wonder if all Masters feel this way and if everything planned is realized. It is my hope that some long standing issues that have been planned over the last few years are finally resolved. I can say this with some guarantee, the moving of the air conditioning units from the easement to behind the lodge will happen. Hopefully sooner rather than later. We have the ball rolling it’s just a matter of waiting for the city and Southern Land to figure out when the back will be paved. That is an improvement I am looking forward to. We are also in the preliminary stages of revising bids for the roof and very soon your building committee should have a plan in place for a Lodge decision to proceed with repairing the roof, both exterior and interior.

I have had some good feedback on the monthly education nights. It was my goal to introduce a wide variety of Brothers along the spectrum to present a number of thought provoking topics for your enlightenment. There is much more where that came from and I hope you are looking forward to them as much as I. We will try some new things this last half of the Masonic year. We will be holding a “Ladies at the Table“ program in February which is essentially a festive board with our significant others. Details on this event will be found in other pages of this month’s Trestleboard. We are also producing and hosting a Masonic play titled “A Rose Upon the Altar.” I am also proud to say that this play is a joint effort between several local lodges of A.F. & A.M. and local Prince Hall Lodges. It may be the first of its kind in Texas. Further details of this event can also be found in this Trestleboard. It was my intention to bring something different to the lodge and I hope to succeed in that effort. I hope you will join us.

In closing I want to thank everyone for their support and efforts over the last six months. Let us work together to complete the goals of the Lodge and to help our Plano Brothers continue their Masonic journey with guidance and compassion through enlightenment. As always if anyone has any questions, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.


Shaun Henry