Apr 072011

Beginning in April, Plano Lodge is conducting degree practices every Wednesday at 6:30PM.  This is the best way to learn the degree work or to refresh and improve upon what you have already learned.  Each week, we will be focusing on a specific degree or on practicing all three lectures.

These practice nights are also open to new Masons learning the catechisms for any of the degrees.  We will have instructors reserved each week to teach the catechisms in the dining area or down in the library.

This is also a good way to prepare for the certificate exam in the Fall.

Important: We still need additional volunteers who can be consistently available one designated Wednesday per month to teach the degree work or the catechisms.  If you are interested in helping us out, please let me know at kmain@ti.com.

Here is the practice schedule for April:

  • 4/6 – Lectures
  • 4/13 – FC Degree
  • 4/20 – EA Degree
  • 4/27 – MM Degree

The practice schedule is maintained on the Lodge calendar each month.  You can always find that here:



Kevin Main

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